Autumn Leaves Composition Project

Over the next half term I am running a composition project in which all my students are entitled to take part.

The composition entitled “Autumn Leaves” must fit with the video and could take the form of a backing track or a song. There is a score of the appropriate length already set up on my noteflight studio with the associated video.

The composition does not necessarily have to be realised in notational form within noteflight however it must be able to be performed in synchronisation with the video.

It must be in ternary form, having two contrasting themes (prompted on the video template by the Autumn Leaf and the three trees).

It must be completed and submitted by December 1st. The winning composition(s) will be shown/performed at the next concert on Saturday 3rd December, 11am at All Saint’s Church, Hoole.

An example score with synchronised video by A. Student is shown below:

Published by Will Hay

Chester based pianist, singer, conductor and teacher