Music Reading Games

This week I am taking a look at some of the free music learning resources available on the internet. I have recently been using Jayde Musica with my students. Whilst it would be nice to have midi integration in this game so that you can play the notes on an attached midi keyboard rather than just typing the letter on the keyboard, the game has already aroused interest amongst my students.

Because of the way it works, it is testing typing skills as well as note naming skills but it is still a valuable freely available resource. The addition of tenor and alto clefs mean that it is good practise for pianists studying for grade 5 theory who need to get a bit of experience at reading these clefs and otherwise wouldn’t get the chance.

Music Match (below) looks quite interesting though once you have worked out the note it is also testing ICT co-ordination besides piano skills.

Music Match

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Published by Will Hay

Chester based pianist, singer, conductor and teacher