Piano Points Results – Summer 2009

At the end of the term, the top 10 total piano points achievers are as follows:

  1. piano-points-cupAlice from Tattenhall Park with 43 points,
  2. Sophie from St. Oswald’s with 42 points,
  3. Emily from Tattenhall Park with 41 points,
  4. Beth from St. Werburgh’s and Jacob from Ellesmere Port Catholic High with 38 points,
  5. Sophia and Kate from St. Werburgh’s, Louisa from Queen’s and Joe from Waverton with 36 points.

This means that at the next concert the piano points cup will be presented to Alice from Tattenhall Park.

47% of students have achieved the target 28 points for the term and will be receiving a certificate at the beginning of September.

The top 5 Average points achievers for the term are:

  1. Alice from Tattenhall Park on 3.91 points per lesson,
  2. Louise from St. Werburgh’s on 3.89 points per lesson,
  3. Mollie from St. Oswald’s on 3.88 points per lesson,
  4. Beth from St. Werburgh’s on 3.80 points per lesson, and
  5. Emily from Tattenhall Park on 3.73 points per lesson.

65% of students have managed an average of 3 or more points per lesson.

Published by Will Hay

Chester based pianist, singer, conductor and teacher