Perhaps you are wanting to record a demo tape/CD but have been put off by the high cost of hiring studios and technicians? I can provide a solution in the comfort of your own home, bringing recording facilities to you.
I can provide piano accompaniment on my Yamaha P85, recording straight into a digital audio workstation. I can then mix in your vocals through condenser microphones. If the repertoire requires it, we can play together and record the mix live.
Once you are happy with the mix, your tracks can then be burned to CD for a fraction of the cost of having it done in a studio. Some people prefer to have something physical that they can then put in their CD player at their leisure rather than just having an mp3 online to listen to.
Book an hour session for £30 including a copy of the CD and cover printing. Further time that may be required is charged at £20 per hour.
People sometimes ask me about converting minidiscs on to more recent formats such as CD / mp3. This is something which I can do for you at a cost of £10/disc, this includes postage of the CD if that is the audio format you require. If you require a number of copies then bulk discounts apply.

Contact me for more information.