Sea Idylls Composition Project 2012

The composition project this term has a nautical theme. Students must compose a backing track to the associated video which is 1 minute and 21 seconds in length. A template score has been provided in Noteflight which already has the correct number of empty bars laid out for each section. Providing the tempo remains unchanged […]

Autumn Leaves Composition Project

Over the next half term I am running a composition project in which all my students are entitled to take part. The composition entitled “Autumn Leaves” must fit with the video and could take the form of a backing track or a song. There is a score of the appropriate length already set up on […]

“Share one, Comment two” week

Now that the pressure of exams is relaxing for many students I am encouraging everybody to explore composing more. The Noteflight Studio is such a powerful tool and I would ask all my students to share at least one of their compositions (enabling commenting) even if it is still a work in progress. Browsing the […]

Thankyou card from Kampala Music School

I received a lovely card through the post today from Fiona Carr of Friends of Kampala Music School acknowledging receipt of the £300 raised for Betina’s lessons last year. The concerts actually raised £430 but I have kept the surplus aside to provide any other disbursements Betina may need in the course of her lessons (exams, music […]

Duet arrangements for beginners

It is often the case with piano duets that one part is much harder than the other. Younger beginners deserve the opportunity to collaborate with their peers at the piano. The four arrangements below, kindly input into noteflight by Becky ;-), are pieces from Tunes for Ten Fingers. Both parts should be suitable for those who have […]