Online Piano Tuition

Piano and music theory tuition is available online via Zoom from my home studio in Huntington.

I offer a free 10 minute online consultation if you are interested in tuition. This gives you a chance to get a feel for whether it would right for you. Following this initial consultation lessons become chargeable at my standard studio rate. Either regular or ad-hoc sessions may be booked and paid for more than 24 hours in advance subject to studio time availability.

What do I need?

Besides your piano, you need a webcam-enabled laptop or tablet with Zoom installed, connected to a decent broadband internet connection. 

Who uses online lessons?

Lessons via Zoom offer the same flexibility of content as face to face lessons in the studio in person only without the need to travel on your part saving you time. I can offer guidance on your sight reading, practise aural tests and keep an eye on your technical exercises as well as helping you to develop your repertoire. I like to incorporate elements of composition and improvisation into the piano curriculum as well as music theory essentials tailored to the wishes and needs of each student.

Contact me for availability