Conducting the Caldy Valley Voices

From September 2014, I took over the direction of the Aldford Singers, a community choir founded only 12 months previously. We prepared and performed a World War 1 celebration concert in October 2014 in collaboration with my previous choir, the NE Singers to a packed Village Hall in Aldford.

The combined Aldford Singers and NE Singers in action in November 2014

Caldy Valley Voices LogoIn January 2015, the choir’s rehearsal venue moved to Caldy Valley Church in Chester. Since then I have re-branded the choir to reflect both the geographic location and the style of singing group which we are. I mostly arrange the music we sing myself to suit the tastes and abilities of the singers. Starting from a unison, I add subtle harmony in places to colour the melodies but just enough so that the parts are fun to sing but still manageable to learn. The singers are also supported by mp3 recordings they can download from the website to do ‘note-learning homework’.

As part of the choir re-branding and ongoing choir promotion, I was recently interviewed on Flipside FM, talking about directing the choir.

Will on Flipside FM


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