The importance of scales

There’s little chance of escaping the fact that scales aren’t the most exciting thing to practice, especially when you have a piano exam coming up in the next few weeks.  However they are the building blocks of much music and being able to play them fluently is fundamental in the ability to play any instrument. […]

Concert of duets raises £260 for Music School

The last “Playing Together” concert at King’s School, Chester was very well attended. Thirty students performed duets, trios and ensembles which included a variety of other instruments including guitars, saxophones, flutes and a recorder. Some hi-resolution photographs of the concert are available in a password-protected gallery. (Access details for this gallery will be emailed to […]

Playing Together – Piano Duets and Ensembles

It has been really encouraging to see a lot of work going into piano duets this term in preparation for the next concert. There will be a mix of piano-based ensembles in the programme besides piano duets as I have tried to set up a group to perform from each of the schools in which […]

Duet arrangements for beginners

It is often the case with piano duets that one part is much harder than the other. Younger beginners deserve the opportunity to collaborate with their peers at the piano. The four arrangements below, kindly input into noteflight by Becky ;-), are pieces from Tunes for Ten Fingers. Both parts should be suitable for those who have […]