The importance of scales

There’s little chance of escaping the fact that scales aren’t the most exciting thing to practice, especially when you have a piano exam coming up in the next few weeks.  However they are the building blocks of much music and being able to play them fluently is fundamental in the ability to play any instrument.

My students have been incorporating “musical curve” into their scale technique. Playing duet scales helps focus on the rhythm with some lovely arrangements  in “Get Ready for Major Scale Duets

This collaborative performance of Twinkle Twinkle Little C from the book demonstrates some of the “musical curve” technique they have been exploring. With thanks to Amelia, Kathleen, Lauren, Beth, Mattea, Shea, Alice, Emily, Grace, Ruth, Felicity, Izzie, Emma, Kirsten, Jacob, Oliver and Sylvia for their contributions to the video.


Scales are also a useful tool to experiment with in composition. This 12 bar work by Beryl looks at the relationship between relative major and minor scale.
Major and Minor Creativity” by Beryl

Why not have a go at making your own composition using scales? Log in to your noteflight account to get started.

Published by Will Hay

Chester based pianist, singer, conductor and teacher