Flashcards – Create your own learning resources

Since the start of term I have been using a variety of flashcards intensively with my students to improve note recognition in sight reading . It has proved to be popular with my students as they can compete to see who can accurately read and play the notes in a shortest space of time. Some […]

Christmas Piano Music

I first wrote this post over two years ago as “Easy Christmas Carol Books”. Having had a few queries since from parents about which music to buy their children for Christmas, I decided to add some books below with more challenging yet fun arrangements. — “As the frosty mornings are starting to set in and […]

The lonely little piano

One of my first posts on the blog last year, reviewed a story book for piano lovers by Tom Allan, published by Penketh Publications. The book is now in second edition and has an appealing new cover design worthy of mention.  “… The latest book from Penketh Publications written by Tom Allan is destined to delight […]

Metronomes on phones

I recently posted information about a low cost metronome from Lidl. This got me thinking about a number of other metronome devices I have used in the past. As a peripatetic music teacher I need to have a metronome with me all the time as many schools do not have one built into the piano. […]

3 in 1 Metronome and Tuner – £7.99 from Lidl

Whilst many digital pianos have a metronome facility on board, many have no way of easily setting the number of beats per minute. I frequently recommend that every student of music should have a metronome of some description and this offering from Lidl doubles up as a chromatic tuner. At £7.99 this is a must […]