Waterfalls Project 2014

Waterfalls Project 2014 Waterfalls Project 2014

Starting this half term, I am running a studio-wide composition project; “Waterfalls“.
Object: Compose a piece of piano music, 96 seconds in length, titled “Waterfalls” to reflect/accompany the video.
There are three different types of waterfalls featured which may each be represented differently in your composition.

You may want to team up with a partner for this project and divide the work between yourselves. Perhaps one person might take care of the ostinato, the other, the melody.

(Details also on the Noteflight projects forum)
The project must be completed by the beginning of June 2014.

  1. Watch the video
  2. Make up a simple watery ostinato
  3. Play your ostinato along with the video
  4. Does it need to change at all throughout the video?
  5. Record your ostinato into your Evernote ideas notebook.
    (If you haven’t got one, ask)
  6. Next, try to make a melody to fit with your ostinato.
  7. Play your melody while watching the video
  8. Does it need to change at all throughout the video?
  9. Record your melody into your ideas notebook.
  10. Notate your ostinato and melody using the template score on Noteflight.

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