Christmas Composition Competition

Though the title is a bit of a tongue-twister the idea is quite straight forward…

This year I am hosting a Christmas Composition Competition to get all my students trying their hand at composing. It is open to all my students and you may compose a song with or without words but there must be a Christmas theme.

  • The composition must have a suitable title
  • There must be a piano part which you can play
  • You may use noteflight to produce a score and have other parts playing at the same time.
  • Free Manuscript paper is available here to download and print
  • The score must be submitted to me (digitally or in print) by the closing date of 27th November, 2010
  • I will showcase the best entries in a gallery on my website
  • The winner must be prepared to perform the winning entry at the next concert on 4th December, 2010 2pm at the Music School, The King’s School

I will try to provide support with your compositions over the next few weeks and can give students a session on noteflight in their lessons to get them up to speed.

Published by Will Hay

Chester based pianist, singer, conductor and teacher