Raindrops develop from CDE beginnings

Many of my students will recollect the “CDE song” as one of the first pieces I taught them on the piano. The song is actually published in “Music Lessons Have Begun, by Leila Fletcher” which was a tutor book I learned from myself as a child, yes it was published that long ago! I don’t use the whole publication as I feel that Pauline Hall’s “Oxford Piano Method” series is visually more user friendly and enticing, though much of Leila’s musical content is very catchy.

“CDE song” was the first piece Oliver learned nearly four years ago and the noteflight arrangement below is his latest piece of work which pays homage to this early experience. This is the second time his work has been featured on my website but the first time in his own notation. See African Elephant

[powerpress] I hope that seeing this will encourage my other students who are using noteflight to experiment with their ideas and share their creative work!

Published by Will Hay

Chester based pianist, singer, conductor and teacher