The Ashgrove (SATB, piano accompaniment)

Originally arranged for the Waverton Singers’ April concert in 2006, I have just produced an mp3 of this popular welsh folksong to accompany the score on Choralwiki., which is also available for free on Sibelius Music and on my Noteflight Classroom

The Ash Grove


Published by Will Hay

Chester based pianist, singer, conductor and teacher

2 replies on “The Ashgrove (SATB, piano accompaniment)”

  1. Nice arrangement and nice played! Singers are well qualified (but perhaps it is noticeable a bit of insecurity) with very good voices! I like alto a lot. Tenor has a voice very close to mine!

    Your arrangement is a bit… daring? Piano stops long time and singers should keep the tone! It is written for brave singers! 😉


  2. Many thanks for your compliments. I did the recording with only a couple of minutes of rehearsal with the singers beforehand.

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