Betina’s progress – July 2010

The video promised at the last concert is now available so that you can hear how Betina is progressing. Adding the total raised at the last concert this year’s Kampala Music School bursary fund now stands at £250. We will continue to support it with the next concert in November.

Raindrops develop from CDE beginnings

Many of my students will recollect the “CDE song” as one of the first pieces I taught them on the piano. The song is actually published in “Music Lessons Have Begun, by Leila Fletcher” which was a tutor book I learned from myself as a child, yes it was published that long ago! I don’t …

News from Kampala Music School

Details about Betina, the student receiving our piano bursary have been received from Kampala: Betina Nalugo. Date of Birth: 5 December 2000 Local School: Kampala Quality Primary School Level: Primary 5 She loves music, drama and very much the violin. “She has played the violin for over a year but began with her current teacher Frances Attwood in …

Piano concerts raise £300 providing piano bursary for Kampala Music School

The summer concert, held last Saturday was well recevied by the audience and managed to raise another £140 for the Kampala fund which means that coupled with the money raised from the last concert, a total of £300 will be sent to Uganda, providing a year of 60 minute piano lessons for an African student. …

The Ashgrove (SATB, piano accompaniment)

Originally arranged for the Waverton Singers’ April concert in 2006, I have just produced an mp3 of this popular welsh folksong to accompany the score on Choralwiki., which is also available for free on Sibelius Music and on my Noteflight Classroom The Ash Grove [powerpress]