Grade 1 – Piano Exam

(Updated Dec 2013)
ABRSM Grade 1 Exam – The vital statistics: The current entry fee (2014) is £36.25. The next exam period is 3rd March- 5th April 2014 and the closing date for entry to these exams will be 24th January 2014. Alongside the playlist of demonstration videos for the current Grade 1 pieces, I have added some slow demo videos of some of the pieces which my students have specifically requested to help with their studies.

The next in my vodcast series on piano exams. In this video, watch Amelia sit her Grade 1 piano exam. This time, not one of my videos,  ABRSM have staged an example of a Grade 1 piano exam which is a great way to give candidates an idea of what it is like to sit the exam. If only Stanley Palace, the venue used for the Chester exams was able to offer a wonderful grand piano as in this video! At least you can expect the same professional, supportive attitude from any of the ABRSM examiners, though the papers on their desk might not always be quite so beautifully aligned.

ABRSM: Grade 1 Piano Exam Video

Published by Will Hay

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